PEX Plumbing Tubing

PEX Plumbing Tubing

The unique properties of PEX tubing produced by Mercury Plastics offers distinct performance advantages for a variety of plumbing applications.

Merflex PEX TubingFirst, it delivers ease of use and long-term strength in potable water applications, withstanding high temperatures, erosion, corrosion, expansion, contraction, abrasion, high pressure and water hammer.

In addition, the cross-linking process imparts extraordinary resistance to chemicals and also results in superior odor and taste properties through increased material stability.

Mercury Plastics PEX tubing is available in red, white, blue and grey in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 1-1/4″ in diameter. EVOH and non-barrier PEX tubing are also available.

Merflex PEX is approved for use with the following fitting systems:

  • F1807 – brass crimp fittings
  • F1960 – expansion style fittings
  • F2080 – expansion style fittings
  • F2159 – poly crimp fittings
  • ASSE 1061 – push-fit fittings

Merflex PEX listings and approvals include:

  • NSF Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects
  • NSF Standard 14: Drinking Water System Components – Performance
  • ASME Standard: Flexible Water Connectors – A112.18.6
  • Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI) Hydrostatic Stress Board, TR-4/2000 Listing, Standard Grade @ 73° F. (23° C.) HDB 1250 psi, 180° F. (83° C.) HDB 800 psi and 200° F. (93° C.) HDB 630 psi.
  • CSA Standard B125-93 – Plumbing Fittings, Certificate of Compliance
  • U.P. Code
  • PEX 5006 rating – the highest chlorine resistance rating possible
  • ASTM F876-17: Standard Specification for Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing
  • ASTM F877-11a: Standard Specification for Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing – Hot and Cold Water Distribution Systems

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