Electron Beam Processing

Improving Material Properties

Mercury Plastics has nearly 25 years of experience operating our electron beam processing facility.  We process a variety of materials utilizing our 5 MeV electron beam accelerator.  We are one of only a few companies in the country that have a captive operation of this type. Our expertise is used to enhance the properties of the products that we produce in-house and also for external customers that send us their products to process.

In addition to our existing 5MeV accelerator, we are also in the process of adding a second electron beam accelerator to our operation.  A 10 MeV electron beam accelerator facility is under construction and the unit is scheduled to begin operating very soon!

Examples of products that we process through our electron beam:

  • Tubing
  • Wire & cable
  • Heat trace cable
  • Electrical components
  • Plumbing components
  • Heat shrink plastics
  • Gaskets and other molded parts
  • Closed cell foam
  • Synthetic gemstones
  • Sheet film

Electron beam cross-linking results in several performance improvements, including:

  • Improved tensile & impact strength
  • Taste & odor enhancement
  • Kink resistance
  • Creep resistance
  • Resistance to stress cracking
  • Chemical resistance
  • Improved compression set
  • Extended product life expectancy
  • Resistance to chlorine / chloramine attack
  • Abrasion and wear resistance
  • Improved dimensional stability

The use of electron beam cross-linking eliminates the need for chemical additives in the cross-linking process.  Since there are no chemical additives used, there are no chemical residuals remaining on the cross-linked product.  Ultimately providing a clean, safe and environmentally friendly approach to cross-linking.

Whether you are in the product development phase or full production, Mercury can assist with your electron beam processing requirements. Contact us at info@mercury-plastics.com or by phone at the 440-632-5281 to learn more about how we can help with your specific application.