Injection Overmolding

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Injection overmolding provides an excellent approach to either joining tubes or providing end detail without the need for conventional connecting techniques.  That means no gluing,  no clamping, no crimping, no heat sealing.  The result – enInj 21hanced performance and a lower cost solution.

Many unique product configurations and enhancements are possible through injection overmolding. For example, we can mold a flexible seal onto the inside of a rigid tube or add a flexible attachment or seal onto an extrusion.  You can even mold different ends in different colors – ideal for color coding requirements.


Appropriate for all thermoplastics, the benefits include:Inj 40

  • Elimination of leak points providing air tight attachment and leak free waterways
  • Improved structural strength and integrity
  • Enhanced performance and product life
  • Allows the joining of two tubes or profiles together
  • Reduces assembly operations and costs


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