Click Connex® System

Another Innovation from Mercury Plastics!

Click Connex® fittings are the latest connection system developed and offered by Mercury Plastics.  This connection system provides a unique design that can be used in a variety of water, fluid system, air and gas applications.  The Click Connex system is ideal for use in appliances, water dispensers, beverage dispensing equipment, water filtration devices, and distillation equipment.

Intuitive and Extremely Easy to Use

  • The intuitive design makes the connection easy to assemble and take apart.
    • An audible “click” assures the installer that the secure connection is complete.
    • The ring on the male portion of the fitting provides visual indicator when fully inserted.
    • A “PUSH” button release to aid in disassembly is incorporated into the fitting
    • So simple that no instructions are required.
  • Color coding can be incorporated for easy visual recognition where multiple tubes are running in close proximity.

Superior Design Versus Traditional Push-to-Connect Fittings

  • The Click Connex fittings are overmolded onto Mercury’s PEX tubing and then irradiation cross-linked in order to minimize potential leak points.  This manufacturing method provides a material to material bond between the tube and the fitting.
  • The connection design eliminates typical installation concerns and requirements that are associated with assembling traditional push-to-connect fittings with standard tubes.  There is also less force required to assemble the Click Connex versus a tube with a push-to-connect fitting.
  • The hidden o-ring feature in the Click Connex eliminates the potential for loss or damage of the o-ring during shipment or assembly.

Compact and Robust

  • The compact size is perfect for use in confined spaces such as appliances and dispensing equipment.
  • The Click Connex system is manufactured with a glass filled overmolded body that provides a strong and robust end fitting.

Cost Efficient for Your Operations

  • The Click Connex system in combination with Mercury’s PEX tubing and tube forming capability results in a lower total cost than traditional push-to-connect fitting systems.  The Click Connex system is a snap to assemble and the tube forming allows for efficient routing of lines in various applications.
  • In instances where service technicians are performing repair or preventative maintenance activities, the Click Connex system contributes to less downtime and a more efficient repair.  Ultimately, helping to lower costs associated with service calls.

Combine with Other Mercury Plastics Capabilities

  • The connection system incorporates Merflex® PEX OT tubing that provides a wide range of fluid compatibility.
  • Merflex PEX OT tubing can be formed for ease of routing and further minimization of potential leak points with a fluid system.

The system is manufactured from FDA-compliant materials and meets NSF-51 and NSF-61 requirements.

Click Connex fittings can be molded onto 1/4” or 5/16” PEX tube sizes.

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